The Defibrillators



Jump Start Your Heart and Revive Your Spirit 

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The Defibrillators are a Rockin' Blues Band performing original material geared to help aging Baby Boomers on their way to the Social Security Office.  With humor, compassion, great musicianship and splendid live performances;
"The Defibrillators will jumpstart your heart and revive your spirit"

They have opened for such national acts as Leon Russell, The Zombies, & Soozie Tyrell of Springsteen's E-Street Band




The Defibrillators are Long Island Songwriters and Musicians: Sonny Meadows, Sonny Speed, Bob "Pops" Westcott, Bobby " Buddy Boy" Cattrano, Robert "Lang Lang" Langley, Dr. Max Foreman 

They all met at the Golden Requiem Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2001. Having tired of shuffleboard and bingo, they began whailing, singing, pounding on tables, banging pots and pans as Sonny Speed chimed in on the Day Room piano. Soon the whole room was up dancing to their rockin' sounds. Several residents became so excited that Dr. Max Foreman had to wheel in the portable defibrillator to revive them so they could get back up dancing again - and in that instant the name of the band was created.  Thanks to the efforts of family members, pawn shops,  and the social work staff, the boys were able to acquire several guitars, amplifiers, and a full drum kit.